A novel OA grading scheme developed by OAISYS was used in two research projects which were presented at OARSI 2013

The first projects principal investigator, Lisa Sheehy, examines the reliability of the Uni-Compartmental Osteoarthritis Grading scheme (UCOAG) using data from the multicenter osteoarthritis study (MOST) database. The data indicate high inter and intra reader reliability with excellency retest results. The scheme is considered more sensitive than the current Kelgren Lawrence scheme.
For more information see OAISYS Introduces an Improved Form of Grading for knee OA

You can also view the poster that was presented here

The second projects principal investigator, Dr. Mark Harrison, investigates the relationship for use of the UCOAG and disability index as a triage mechanism for knee replacement surgery. The data suggest promise as the basis for a reliable evidence based triage mechanism.
For more information see A New Triage Tool for Knee Surgery 

You can also view the poster that was presented here

These projects were both on display at the OARSI 2013 world congress.

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