Value Based Care

Value-Based Care centers on optimal outcomes and costs

OAISYS eTriage
Personalized, proactive and predictable care focused on the
needs and expectations of patients
with osteoarthritis in a unified and collaborative approach

OAISYS is a medical informatics company with a mission to improve the care for the population with Osteoarthritis (OA) through enabling applications and technologies. OAISYS has designed and developed a patented model for OA management that delivers value to the community of healthcare stakeholders – providers, payors and especially patients. The focus is for and with patient participation. This innovative approach is grounded by evidence-based clinical research and best business and clinical practices. Addressing the growing needs and expectations of patients with OA….and their families….is what we do best. Click to Learn more

OAISYS Innovative Science and Technology

Our unique X-ray grading accurately quantifies the damage across the spectrum of Knee deformity. The method is reliable and the assessment relates well to knee OA changes as the deformity and malalignment progress. Click hear to learn more. Coupled with the clinical problems and needs we present a unified means to assess severity. The opportunity to match these with appropriate care options, for surgery or non surgery, is our novel model for OA management. A strategy based on good science and sound clinical practice. The stage is now set to directly involve the patient in deciding what is best and make clear their expectations. Click here to learn more

Personalized Care with eTriage: Because no two patients are alike

Misunderstanding the nature and misjudging needs leads to poor outcomes every day in the medical system. Sadly, up to twenty percent of patients are dissatisfied after total knee replacement surgery. Unidentified expectations is a potent reason for patient dissatisfaction. Our Goal is to personalize your care to help meet your needs and satisfy expectations. Using the eTriage process provides a reliable way to do this in a timely way, ideally upstream early in your care pathway. Click here to learn more


Our patented technology helps paint a picture of the problem for each individual, quantifying their limitations and taking into account risk factors. The evaluation provides a sound assessment for the stage of damage and your limitations to target a patients needs. Care considerations, based on best practice guidelines, are matched to these. Now all is set for an open discussion of the options to decide what is best for you based on good science. Importantly, the opportunity is presented to identify your expectations for any surgery being considered and discuss them directly. Click here to learn more