Our evaluation gives you unique, personalized information about your knee.

We analyze information from a standing Knee X-ray and knee cap views to accurately grade the Osteoarthritis (OA) damage in these joint compartments.  We combine this information with the results from a health questionnaire to give you an understanding of the level of your disability and limitations. We use other demographics including your BMI and your age to help define risk factors for poor outcomes or complications. This material goes into the report, showing all the information on a single page. We equate the stage to quality based practice guidelines to create the specific considerations for your care, be it surgical or non surgical. This information is best discussed with your care provider so that you can make the best decision together on the care specifics. It also gives you the opportunity to voice your expectations as to how you will do and have these addressed.

We believe that this approach provides you with the best situation to know what to anticipate in your care and optimize your outcomes.

The Knee OA Analysis value when surgery is not considered ideal.

The Knee Evaluation helps in the early detection of knee arthritis and the stage it has reached. This is very helpful because treatments such as activity modification, physiotherapy or bracing may be applied appropriately to:

  • Maintain knee strength and your mobility
  • Avoid damaging stresses
  • Reduce weight
  • Improve fitness levels

These approaches help to slow the arthritis progression and will delay or avoid the need for surgery.