Our goal is to reduce the variability in care of patients with osteoarthritis (OA) and streamline and simplify the assessment and referral process. Most patients are assessed on three factors, pain, functional limitations, and structural integrity (Imaging) . Without a generally accepted, validated approach for how  these factors may be used to define the needs for surgery, recommendations vary considerably.

The Knee OA Care Triage service offers a unified means to help determine a patient’s appropriate course for surgery or non-surgical care. Using OAISYS’s proprietary (patented) approach we accurately grade X-rays and, with a standardized disability evaluation and using key demographics, provide you and your patient with a simplified report to better understand its severity. Considerations for surgical and non surgical care are matched (targeted) to the stage identified, based on best practice. Ideally, the tool is used to identify these options early, upstream in the pathway. The evaluation has been tested clinically and accurately addressed a surgical decision in over 90 percent of the cases (To learn more Link to JIS Study). Also, as disease Severity is determined in a standardized way, the tool helps to prioritize surgical timing in an equitable manner. Interpreting the report with your patient is made easier with images, disability score and risk considerations set out in straightforward terms. This promotes getting a shared decision on options. It sets the stage for their commitment (their by-in) to the care and, most importantly, it helps to identify and so meet their expectations. Please contact us to learn more