OAISYS is dedicated to help Clinicians improve the care for their patients with knee arthritis. Patients with osteoarthritis of the knee (Knee OA) are currently assessed based on three factors, pain, functional limitations, and structural integrity (Imaging). Until now, there have been no generally accepted, scientifically validated approach for how any or all of  these factors may be used to optimally define care pathways and, most importantly, needs for surgery.

The Knee Surgery Triage service offers the means to help you determine a patient’s appropriate course of care. Using OAISYS’s proprietary grading analysis, and standardized disability evaluations, you will better understand your patient’s condition and make the appropriate decisions for care, be it referral for physiotherapy or surgery. To engage our knee surgery triage services please contact us

The Knee Evaluation, a web based service, applies the same scientifically validated methods for patients. It provides accurate and reliable information in the form of an evidence report about their knee.  To do this the patient completes a disability questionnaire, enters demographics, a history of past surgeries and uploads recent X-ray images of their knee.  Once the information is analyzed, we encourage patients to bring the report to their physician to help optimize their care.

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