The OAISYS Triage streamlines the evaluation and care considerations of patients with Knee Osteoarthritis (OA)  based on sound evidence. It quantifies the Arthritic Severity and targets the most appropriate surgical or non-surgical care options. While ideally used upstream in the pathway it provides value to all stakeholders at all stages.

The key clinical information in the report shows the knee images and care considerations. It forms an ideal base on which the patient and their care provider may make a balanced shared decision. This uniquely enables and promotes a strongly personalized approach.  In addition to identifying the care needs in a unified way the report sets the stage for the the patient to identify key expectations and for the clinician to provide their best estimates of how the specific option will meet them.

As a web-based service,  the benefits are readily deployed at remote sites where access to referral clinics and surgeons is limited. The means to stratify surgery based on the severity enables an unique way to prioritize this care in a fair manner.

Ease, reliability and speed of use streamlines the pathway with outcomes of value for all stakeholders, especially the patient.

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